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The Townsend Agency

Our Mission

The Townsend Agency is dedicated to providing the world's most elite private intelligence and security services. Through the highest forms of professionalism and protective measures, it is our mission to surpass every client's expectation and bring ultimate clientele satisfaction.

Our Strategy

Impacting nations, governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide through the four foundational pillars this agency builds upon. Our visionary strategy is to promote, establish, and maintain the highest forms of diplomatic relations, professionalism, and protection with the clients we serve.

Our Values



We strive to provide the best security services through the highest form of professionalism, customer service, and personal appearance.



We strive to safeguard each of our clients, sites, personnel, and all information through situational awareness, proper safety protocols, and prevention / intervention readiness.



We strive to plan every action, respond to every reaction, and establish contingencies for the safety and wellbeing of each of our clients and personnel.



We strive to increase our clientele, security market, and our overall reputation by building upon a firm foundation of professional, high-quality excellence.

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