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Who We Are

Redefining the Private Intelligence Community & Security Environment

We are an elite private intelligence and security agency comprised of the finest agents you will ever have the pleasure of doing business with. We offer the highest form of professional quality services backed by our guarantee that security and professionalism are never in question.

Shaking Hands

Our Story

Mr. Townsend has worked for several security companies over his 10+ years in the security industry; but throughout those years, there were three flaws that he continuously found within each security firm: (1) the lack of standards of professionalism; (2) the overall lack of professional customer service; and (3) the lack or bare minimum of communication among the clients, the security firms, and/or the officers the firms employed.

Thus, Mr. Townsend strove to redefine the mentality of what true security and private intelligence means to clientele. He has worked diligently to instill into each of his agents the necessity for the highest form of professionalism and elite security protocols for both clientele and the public in every aspect. Through professional communication and exemplary performance, Townsend Agents excel beyond any competing security professional in the industry.

Mr. Townsend actively seeks individuals from around the globe from all walks of life, career goals, and mindsets to join his team. Together, they are on a mission to build the world's most elite and professional private intelligence and security agency.

Our Clientele

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