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Asset Protection

Security is Our Number One Priority.

The Townsend Agency offers the highest quality service where security and professionalism are never in question.


Armed & Tactical Security

There are many companies and firms that provide excellent security, but none can compare to our elite security agents. Our agents are militarily trained to tactically assess, identify, and terminate any threat that comes against our clients and their assets. 


Consulate & Diplomatic


The world is a dangerous place with constant civil unrest, economic turmoil, and international crisis.


Thus, we make it our mission to safeguard our

diplomatic clients with the highest level of protection.


Executive Protection Detail

Every day is a risk. So we make it our mission to avoid risks if at all possible and to stop every threat who comes against our clients.


Our highly trained agents will safeguard you and your loved ones with a full shield of protection you can trust to keep you safe.


Cargo & Shipping Protection

Whether it is by air, sea, or land, our agents use the state-of-the-art tracking systems, military tactics, and elite countermeasures to combat hijacking, piracy, and robbery and to ensure the safe delivery of your high-valued assets.

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