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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Townsend Agency?


The Townsend Agency is a private intelligence and international security Agency that implements the four pillar core values on which our agency sits.

 What are the Four Pillars on which the Townsend Agency sits?





What does the Townsend Agency do?

The Townsend Agency conducts private intelligence and surveillance operations, provides elite security services, including asset and VIP executive protection, and offers private investigation and legal services at the discretion of our clients.

What does the Townsend Agency offer compared to other security companies and firms?

The Townsend Agency provides a level of prestigious and elite security that cannot be compared to any other security firm in the United States. But rather than speak our praises, we believe our actions speak louder than words. Therefore, the Agency has taken time to provide real-life testimonials from previous and current clientele that continue to use our services to this day. Names, dates, and locations have been omitted for security precautions to ensure our clientele safety.

Who does the Townsend Agency serve?

The Townsend Agency plans to serve thousands of clients in over 100 countries around the globe. Our clientele will vary in diversity from government officials, foreign nationals, diplomatic representatives to the middle-class business owners looking for elite security. Here at the Townsend Agency, we do not discriminate against social status, income brackets, or religious or political beliefs. If you have the assets in need of protection and the capabilities to compensate for the elite level of protection we provide, the Townsend Agency is here to serve.

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