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The Townsend Agency Established in Virginia and Washington, D.C.!

On 05/01/2024, Mr. Townsend successfully established and launched office locations in the great state of Virginia and the federal sector of Washington, District of Columbia. The Townsend Agency will begin conducting clandestine operations and civilian/client services as of 05/06/2024.

Mr. Townsend is prayerfully and decisively considering expanding operations into the great states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, New York, and New Jersey in the coming months, providing that additional federal, state, and local contracts are successfully secured and the Agency continues to operate.

Mr. Townsend is adamantly seeking to connect with federal, state, and local agencies and both large and small businesses who are in desperate need of elite professional services that only the Townsend Agency can provide.

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