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The Townsend Agency comes to Greenville, South Carolina!

As of April 2nd, 2024, the Townsend Agency was approved by the Office of the Secretary of State Mark Hammond to establish a subsidiary office location in the great state of South Carolina. The Townsend Agency is now fully authorized and approved to operate in every location within the state. Mr. Townsend plans to establish his Southern Division office location in Greenville, South Carolina and operate on an international, federal, state, and local level in every aspect of the Agency. The private intelligence and security industry is vastly growing, and Mr. Townsend hopes to bring both career opportunities and career fulfillment to every contracted employee and business he partners with. The Townsend Agency, its network, and its partnerships are spreading like wildfire all along the entire Eastern seaboard. Mr. Townsend anticipates to have at least 12 subsidiary office locations established no later than September of 2024 from New York City to Miami. Only time will tell as Mr. Townsend envisions the direction of the Agency in the coming months.

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